The Bay Coast Guardians
The Bay Coast Guardians' logo, iteration #1
Team Statistics
Group The Bay Coast Guardians
Category Crime Fighters
Headquarters Saint Petersburg, FL
Status Active
Team Activity
Leader(s) The Warden
Members The Warden, Mercy, Knuckleduster
Allies None at the moment
Foes The usual rabble
Actions None to speak of... yet.

The Bay Coast Guardians are a group of Real Life Superheroes operating on the West-Central coast of Florida.


The Bay Coast Guardians were founded at the beginning of 2017. They haven't been through a whole lot together yet, but slowly, they're assembling a formidable force.


The Bay Coast Guardians each have a unique role they serve as part of the team. Together, they form a well-oiled machine that keeps the streets safe.


The Warden is the leader of the BCG, organizing all the team's essentials and also acting as the jack-of-all-trades in the group. He has the most varied equipment and experience, letting him cover when a team member isn't able to do something. He has training in several fields, including hand-to-hand and weapons combat, espionage, digital profiling, and medical aid.


Mercy is the blades expert of the BCG, most at home with pointy objects and stealth out of all the members in the group. The combination of her knife-wielding prowess, ability to track blood trails, and her prized weapon The Regurgitator, a stink bomb capable of clearing out a room with great haste, makes her a fearsome foe to encounter.


Knuckleduster is the hand-to-hand combat fighter of the BCG. Formally trained in boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai, he can take a punch as well as deliver one. Armed with steel-lined gloves and lightly armored for maximum mobility, he's the frontline of the BCG and the last to go down in a brawl.

External LinksEdit

The Warden's Social Media Page

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