• Emtufrey

    Anyone home?

    May 14, 2016 by Emtufrey

    It's a bit odd, to be so alone in this endeavor. Normally when I get invested in something there are at least several other individuals also interested in the topic. But in the interest of making my morivations clear rigght off the bat, to anyone who comes along and sees me editing random pages everyday for no reason, I promise I'm not some sort of vandal. I also, similar to Kainee, don't have a horse in this race. I started doing a year long research paper on gender rolees in america, indian, and swedish culture, and my teacher recommended I take a look at subcultures. Somehow I found RLSHs. Unfortunately, in 2016, many of the old sources and heroes are no longer active, and the evidence of this era is quickly evaporating as society moves…

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  • Kainee

    Clean Up Job

    October 18, 2014 by Kainee

    Hi, it's been a while since I last checked into the wiki. Real life happened. I am happy to see some people have continued adding to the wiki despite my absence but there have been vandals as well as well-meaning edits that ended up cluttering up the organization of the wiki. I still have no time to prioritize this wiki as if it were a full-time job, which is what's really required to maintain and expand it to the standard I wish it could be at, but I will be checking in sporadically to clean up. I make no guarantees about the regularity of my visits though.

    This means I will be far less lenient on bans. Before it was an informal policy of mine to leave warnings on walls before any banning of any length occurred but due to my absence, the v…

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  • Hit guy929

    The chiz

    January 25, 2014 by Hit guy929
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  • StarKnightJun

    You know when things have gone downhill when you see Death (Thanatos) giving life to the living and yet the living sit around watching the living die. Many thanks to you, Thanatos, you've been a grand inspiration. Now, the rest of us who are living need to make sure we are not as the "authorities", the police/cops/popo/5-O/Fuzz, sitting around eating doughnuts and looking to bust crime when they are on the clock (not all of the of course). We as heroes are always on the clock, when we seem to not be, we are actually undercover. Our job is to protect and serve (or service for those heroes that do public service stuff). SO, if thou hath waned in thy determination and fire, PUT SOME SULPHUR IN YEE BOOTS, LAD! Heat the argentum under your team…

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  • StarKnightJun

    If a comic book was based on YOU...

    1.Would you promote it?

    2.Would it be interesting?

    3.Would it have anything to do with you being a RLSH?

    4.Would you become well known for it?

    5.Will it help the Wiki to be known more? (I'm guessing no...)

    6.What genre would it be?

    7.Do you get your texan donkey handed to you often?

    8.Would you be the main character of it, or would you be overshadowed by someone else?

    AND last be not least...

    9.Would you buy it?

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  • StarKnightJun

    Bonjour, this is Star Knight (Jun Jamin). It has come to my attention (and I know I've brought it up for a while now) that this forum still seems too inactive. Now, of course, it seems that anything dealing with the Internet and the RLSH are kind of dull, but still, the wiki seems almost like a dead site. To help, though, I plan on getting quite involved in the bettering of the wiki.

    Anyway, I'm impressed with what you've done to the wiki so far. I hope to work with you on it in the future.

    -Star Knight Jun

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  • StarKnightJun

    Here are some gadgets that I, Star Knight, have created effectively. All of these are non-harmful if used with responsibility.

    The Shocker Glove- this bulky glove has the special property of conducting a harmless amount of electricity. It is a good alternative to a stun gun and looks cooler too!

    The Concussionist- this uses soundwaves that amplify each other by having simular frequencies and creating a loud burst of sound from them. Due to the nature of sound's longitudinal waves, it is best to wear some serious sound-mufflers. Using this once or twice usually does the trick and gets crime running, covering their ears.

    The Anti-footing Slip Plastic- Exactly what it sounds like, this plastic is like any other, but it's what you put on it, an e…

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  • Greendragon333

    I going to make a book on real superheros! please help with suggestions and info. go super heros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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  • TheScareCr0we

    ive decided to NOT become an rlsh, and instead become a lawyer and a sidekick to another RLSH in my are known as The Nightshade. Hes a little bit of an aggressive extreamist (as shown when he was trying to "help" me deduce the identiy of a serial killer in miami [don't ask, its long and complicated]) but all in all hes pretty yeah....marf

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  • The Cruentus

    Zero, Hero or Super Hero

    December 27, 2012 by The Cruentus

    Now this blog is not here to mock, insult or otherwise offend anyone here. I am doing this to understand you all and perhaps even help.

    Now lets start with definitions of the Hero and Super-Hero.

    A Hero was something that had its origins in Greek mythology and some folklore and were sometimes considered demigods, but in more modern times, a hero came to refer to people who, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, display great courage and the will for self-sacrifice and to do great things for humanity, even more recently a hero is someone who not only has great martial prowess and skill but is morally good and ethical.


    A super hero was originally a type of hero who possessed superhuman powers but in more…

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  • Kainee

    End of November Updates

    December 2, 2012 by Kainee

    It appears that Wikia's Lifestyle hub featuring us for the month of October means that the wiki's daily page views have stabilized to around 10,000-12,000 a day. From the impromptu poll that I've run on the main page, it seems to be confirmed that the large majority of traffic being driven here is due to the wiki being hosted on Wikia, as only around a quarter of visitors seem to locate this wiki through any other means such as Google. Of course, the increase in page views means a corresponding increase in trolls and vandals but all that meant was I had to take off my editor hat and put on my admin hat to wield the ban hammer. Unpleasant but that is what is to be expected with anything online these days, regardless of how closed the communi…

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  • TheOrderOfTheBlackSun


    November 30, 2012 by TheOrderOfTheBlackSun


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  • Kainee

    Wiki Graphics

    November 6, 2012 by Kainee

    I'm increasingly dissatisfied with the text-only wordmark on the upper lefthand side of the screen. Wikia, by default, allows you some limited font and color formatting in addition to choosing what text to display if you go with the text wordmark route but there's also the graphic wordmark, which would require some offline work since it requires uploading a picture file of the logo that you wish to display for the wiki. I'm thinking I might want to improve the RLSH clipart graphics I made although it might take some time. I'm not sure yet. I'm considering whether or not to use the graphic of the man tearing open the shirt to reveal RLSH underneath as part of the graphic wordmark or if I should try to come up with another new graphic. It is…

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  • Kainee

    Great Progress!

    October 24, 2012 by Kainee

    There have been several developments for this wiki in the month of October so far that have translated to growth for the wiki. It is my wish that this will continue into a positive trend.

    Firstly, (although I still have not found the direct cause for it) unique visitors to the wiki have increased to nearly 20x as much as what they used to be. So, it looks like the wiki is starting to reach an audience. However, I have no idea what that audience consists of and how exactly they're reaching us but hopefully, this will translate into a growing community of editors over time.

    Secondly, our wiki is currently featured on the front page of the Lifestyle hub of Wikia. I don't know the process for how it got selected since I only discovered it a few …

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  • Kainee

    Adding to the Policy Area

    October 8, 2012 by Kainee

    It looks like I've come across the double-edged sword of promoting your wiki as it also invites potential trolls and vandals. Although I was prepared for it happening since it IS the Internet, it is still disappointing for me as an admin to come across such events. I took it as a learning experience and it is something every wiki needs to go through so perhaps that was this wiki's Internet rite of passage.

    Of course, this illustrates the need for some sort of policy when it comes to dealing with anything that might require banning. I stuck with the good ole "Three Strikes & You're Out!" rule of warning and banned the user (including the IP since they returned as an anonymous user) for the time of 2 weeks, as well as protecting the page in que…

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  • Vegeta8370


    October 5, 2012 by Vegeta8370

    if you really wanna be a real life super hero go to

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  • Kainee

    Site Design Ideas

    September 29, 2012 by Kainee

    I've been fiddling around with the main page for the wiki, nixing the original color palette, which was a sort of pastel blue in favor of something that was more full of primary colors. However, the formatting is in a weird state of flux right now as I had it set up with tables how the boxes should go but with the new layout design that Wikia is putting out effective October 3rd, the layout might be adversely affected. So, trying to find a way to approximate how I had it setup using the main page column tags so it looks like the main page design will change again. The issues with fitting in the current Spotlight without making it look weird layout-wise makes me rethink the idea of using an infobox template for that area. Also, the coding f…

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  • Kainee

    So Close to 30 Days Straight!

    September 27, 2012 by Kainee

    I was so close to getting another Devoted badge, this time for contributing to the wiki every day for 30 days straight but then somehow, I missed a day on the 28th day and now I have to start all over again from scratch with the counter. I was disheartened and held off on editing so regularly for a while but with the end of September coming up, I need to clean up an article for use for the October spotlight. I'm thinking of going with a RLSH group or individual whose costume/motif is darker to be more in line with Halloween but there are so many article stubs that it's hard to choose.

    I still have to figure out a good way to organize the wiki. The part with the RLSH Directory still needs some pages built to help with sorting but the layout …

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  • Kainee

    Hi! This is the founder and admin for the Real Life Superheroes Wiki, Kainee, speaking! I would like to go over the current status of the wiki and the effort to expand upon it right now as well as what we need (too much).

    Goals We've Accomplishe​d

    • We've gained several users, the one with the most contributions so far being Nomad.
    • Most of the site categorization is complete and for a view of the pages and categories used, you can visit the Wiki Tree to see the layout.
    • The RLSH Directory is now viewable and sortable by alphabetical order (any other sorting order, not so much).
    • Made some additions and improvements to the User Interface:
      • A Back to Top button appears on the bottom Wikia navigational bar for long articles (Unfortunately, anonymous and…

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  • NomadAus

    Just a quick note to any guest or people who have just signed up, welcome! We are a small wiki (4 members, now including you!) and we are looking to grow as much as we can and have a lot more people read it and come here for information on Real Life Superhero's. If you're just browsing, and you see a page that's missing some info, edit for us, help us out! We need it!

    To our new members, welcome also, and I hope you get comfortable here quickly, and that you stay with us for a while.

    Happy editing everyone!

    From the RLSH Wiki's second member, Nomad.

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