Captain Australia
Captain Australia
Vital Statistics
Hero Captain Australia
Alias(es) N/A
Category Crime Fighter
Location Australia
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Status Unknown
Superhero Activity
Faction N/A
Affiliates N/A
Foes Crime
Actions Crimefighting
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Green Hood with Yellow Winglets
Colors Green, White, Yellow
Symbol An ampersat, @
Equipment Utility belt, mace, Swiss army knife, first aid kit, army canteen, flashlight, iPhone with GPS & camera
Abilities Affinity with animals, photographic memory

For other uses of Captain, see Captain (disambiguation)

Captain Australia is a Real Life Superhero operating out of Brisbane, Australia. Captain Australia is a RLSH who aims to be a crime fighter and an inspiration to others. His four primary goals, quoted from his personal website:

  1. To prevent crimes through acting as a deterrent by actively patrolling and thus intimidating the criminal element.
  2. To intervene when I see criminal activity, or to solve crimes that I become aware of.
  3. To inspire normal people to be better, by demonstrating a level of moral excellence that I hope will serve as an example to the people I meet.
  4. If all else fails, I can accept simply amusing or shocking people – having ordinary citizens lighten their hearts by amusement or surprise.


Captain Australia first started in 2009.

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