Giant Dad
Fan Art Of Giant Dad
Vital Statistics
Hero Giant Dad
Alias(es) The Legend
Category God Among Men
Location Lordran
Identity Unknown
Alter Ego N/A
Status Undying
Superhero Activity
Faction Darkwraith Covenant
Affiliates N/A
Foes Casuals
Actions Killing Casuals
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Giants Armor W/ Father Mask
Colors Gold And Brown
Symbol N/A
Equipment Chaos Zweihander +5, Black Flame x2 (That means NG+ Bithces)
Abilities Stunlocking, Very agile despite his armor, PWN Noobs


"Well, what is it?"

"What are you, a CASUL?"


"Wt ring u got bithc?"

"Shiva the east? More like SHIVA THE DECEASED lol"

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