Vital Statistics
Hero Knight
Alias(es) Delusional Dumbass Dick Dildo Dumb Dude ("Faggot" for short)
Category "Crime-Fighter", "Vigilante", Degenerate
Location Texas, Colorado
Identity Mark Graham
Alter Ego Retard
Status Hopefully Deceased (Fingers Crossed)
Superhero Activity
Faction Idiotic Fuckhead League
Affiliates The Shade (bf) , Ace (f), CrossCade (ex bf) and a few others.
Foes Normality, Reality, Social Situations, Anything with a pulse
Actions calling police in fear, fucking the Shade, crying, tying nooses (neese?)
Physical Description
Gender Male?
Costume """MY Costume"" Stupid Costume, Retarded Costume, Gay Costume
Colors Mixmatch colors depending on mood
Symbol Phallic tube of Righteousness with two orbs of Justice at the bottom.
Equipment Costume, Cell phone
Abilities acting and looking stupid at level unimaginable

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