North Texas Avengers
NTA Green Logo
Logo for the North Texas Avengers
Team Statistics
Group North Texas Avengers
Category Public Safety
Headquarters Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
Status Active
Team Activity
Leader(s) The Cremator
Members The Inquiry, The Soothsayer, Komodo, Red Mamba, Dire Wolf, Lawbringer, Tex Bat, Darkleer (Former Members) Wicked Twister, Yin Yang, LZ, Megalodon, Reskor, Murray The Skull, Gregorian Knightwolf, Darkspark, The Duster/Tempi, Captain Crow, Goldplated, Batman Beyond, Nightwing, Bull Nettle, The Valve, Stax/Lone Star, The Dweller
Allies None
Foes None
Actions Neighborhood patrols, Homeless Outreach, public safety services
Were founded as the North Texas Avengers on October 16th 2011. As a collective team they specialize in both crime prevention & handouts. The N.T.A. had ceased operations on February 1st 2015 after four years. Later that year the team had been revived and The Cremator was voted in to lead this now brand new team under the original N.T.A. banner and logo.

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