Phoenix Jones
Phoenix Jones
Vital Statistics
Hero Phoenix Jones
Alias(es) Guardian of Seattle
Fear the Flattop
Category Vigilante
Location Seattle, WA, USA
Identity Public
Alter Ego Benjamin Fodor
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction Rain City Superhero Movement
Affiliates El Caballero, Midnight Jack, Westlake Drake, Ghost, Thorn, Buster Doe, Green Reaper, The Mantis, Gemini, No Name, Catastrophe, Thunder 88, Penelope, Purple Reign (ex-wife),

Caros Fodor (brother)

Foes Crime, Rex Velvet
Actions Crimefighting
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Black and Gold rubber suit
Colors Black, Gold
Symbol N/A
Equipment Ballistic vest, Pepper spray, Stun Baton, Handcuffs
Abilities Unarmed combat
For other uses of Phoenix, see Phoenix (disambiguation)

Phoenix Jones is an American Real Life Superhero out of Seattle, Washington. Phoenix Jones is the leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement and was married to fellow RLSH Purple Reign. Phoenix Jones has been active since 2010 and patrols the streets of Seattle regularly, looking from crime and helping the homeless or others in need. To date, Phoenix Jones has made over 130 arrests, with proof for over 50 of them. Jones carries an arsenal of non-lethal weaponry and equipment, including pepper spray, a stun baton, a ballistic vest and even a ballistic shield. He is known for his black and gold suit.


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Beginning Edit

Phoenix Jones begun in 2010, when Ben Fodor experienced an incident involving his son. Coming back from a water park, he let his son run ahead, who fell over when he reached their car. Fodor soon realized that his son's leg was sliced open and their car had been broken into with glass now littered the floor. Not having his phone, Fodor called to a man across the street to call 911 but the man replied "I can't, it'll ruin my video," as he was filming the whole incident. This annoyed Fodor, to think that someone was witnessing the incident, yet was doing nothing to help, and it sparked an idea in Fodor's head to not let that happen to anyone else again.

Soon enough, another incident happened that let Fodor put his plan into action. One night, when Fodor was out with his friends, one of them was seriously assaulted. Immediately, Fodor ran to his car to get his phone but when he opened his glovebox, out fell the mask belonging to the person who robbed his car; so Fodor put the mask on, chased after the man and subdued him until police arrived. And from this incident, Phoenix Jones was born.

Phoenix Jones went on to develop a full costume and pseudonym, when his crime-fighting behaviour made him too recognizable. Later on, Phoenix Jones gave up maintaining the secrecy of the identity of his civilian alter-ego, willingly unmasking himself in public.[citation needed]

Controversial EventsEdit

Due to Phoenix Jones' relatively high media profile, there are a number of controversies attached to him.

$10,000 Super Suit Donation Drive Edit

Phoenix Jones started a donation drive in order to fund getting a new state of the art armored battle suit. Many members of the RLSH community, such as Urban Avenger, found this action to be immoral due to the fact that the donation drive was linked to Purple Reign's charitable website.[1]

He posted on his Facebook page a picture of a brand new helmet with visor, he asked fans to photoshop some designs for it, black and yellow only.

May Day Pepper Spray Incident Edit

Phoenix Jones was accused of pepper spraying a crowd gathered for May Day.[citation needed]

Street Brawl Edit

Phoenix Jones had a "street brawl" with a civilian who was drunk and allegedly racist.[citation needed]

Apology 2015. Edit

In early 2015 Phoenix Jones put a video on his Facebook page of himself making an apology to other Real life Superheroes for the way he had 'insulted' them over the years.




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