Shadow Guardian
Vital Statistics
Alias(es) Shadow
Category Humanitarian, Activist, Public Service
Location Peterborough, Ontario
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction Trillium Guards of Ontario
Affiliates Archer, Crimson Canuck, Blackhat
Foes Corruption, greed
Actions Feeding and supplying homeless, blood donations, neighbourhood patrols
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Skull mask, custom Trillium Guards hoodie, kevlar gloves, black pants
Colors Black
Symbol Trillium flower
Equipment Flashlight, Radio
Abilities Able to put a smile on people's faces, intelligently defuse situations verbally without violence, knows rights and freedoms of citizens

Shadow Guardian is a Real Life Superhero.


Shadow Guardian is a real life Canadian Superhero that patrols the streets of Peterborough, Ontario, in aid of the homeless or people in distress with his duo partner, Archer. He prefers simply to be called "Shadow". Many people think the idea of a real life superhero is crazy or that they have some kind of psychological issue, but Shadow has never had any real problem in life other than a simple relationship complication. But that doesn't stop Shadow Guardian from having a very good reason for his involvement in the Rlsh movement.

“Every hero doesn't have to have an origin story like Batman or Superman. We’re just ordinary people that decide to speak up against the wrongs happening in society, and we end up looking ‘super’ by doing that. We’re really not super at all. We can’t fly, we don’t have super strength, we just have a voice. So if anything, we barely deserve to be called a hero let alone a superhero, and everyone should be doing what we do. We should be classified as normal people, but quite frankly a lot of people don’t want to step up and take on that role of helping others, so I’ll take the title if it means people will look up to me and seek change in themselves.” -Shadow Guardian

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