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This is Skeletonwitch.

He has mastered single handedly the katana & has Black Ops combat ninjitsu.

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Originally Sound Hound. Now Space Dragon.

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For him it all started when he watched RLSH in work on HBO. Such as Master Legend & Dark Guardian. Even before then he was preparing to become one but it wasn't until that fateful moment where he saw that he wasn't alone that he started officially.

Mercenary movies like Tears of the Sun/The Expendables and Rambo along with Ninja movies he trains along with. Getting abs, pecs and strong arms. As well as strong will, mind and determination.

In time he stumbled upon heroes network & befriended Tothian and Hero-man. Other heroes befriended are Wildcat Goddess, Showstopper, DarkShadow, Amethyst Arrow and Drone.

His life goal was to patrol all the skateparks of the world. He's visited many south, mainly Tennessee. Once summer started actually getting warm around June he'd head back to Illinois.

He does not look as such anymore, this was his prototype-just-go-out-and-BE-one. I wouldn't say a traumatic instance occurred but more of a real calling. While he was using the United States of America as sport he returned to Illinois to train himself for real. There were instances where just being a hero out of hope wasn't enough.

Currently, Skeletonwitch, plans to save up funds. Learn the Polish alphabet much better, journey to his home country and join the Republic Peoples of Polands Armed Forces. Undergo officer training- and protect Poland.

He'll return to the States when he IS comfortable.
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