The Wraith
Vital Statistics
Hero The Wraith
Category RLSH
Location Lake and Cook county
Identity secret
Alter Ego N/A
Status active
Superhero Activity
Faction P.A.T.C.H
Affiliates Crusader Prime, The Variable, Patch Work, Champion Prodigy, Omega Wind, Tommyknocker, Heavy Metal, Stellar, Empathy
Foes N/A
Actions Whatever it takes
Physical Description
Gender male
Costume mask, trenchcoat and tabi boots
Colors various shades of green
Symbol N/A
Equipment classified
Abilities you'd be surprised.

The Wraith is a Real Life Superhero.


Wraith : from the old Norse word voror, "guardian, watcher", generally accepted in folklore as a watchful ghost and family protector. Active as an RLSH for the past 3 years.

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