It's a bit odd, to be so alone in this endeavor. Normally when I get invested in something there are at least several other individuals also interested in the topic. But in the interest of making my morivations clear rigght off the bat, to anyone who comes along and sees me editing random pages everyday for no reason, I promise I'm not some sort of vandal. I also, similar to Kainee, don't have a horse in this race. I started doing a year long research paper on gender rolees in america, indian, and swedish culture, and my teacher recommended I take a look at subcultures. Somehow I found RLSHs. Unfortunately, in 2016, many of the old sources and heroes are no longer active, and the evidence of this era is quickly evaporating as society moves forward. So, I'm not including it in my project, but... Someone needs to archive this, so I should at least do my part for future would-be heroes.

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