Hi, it's been a while since I last checked into the wiki. Real life happened. I am happy to see some people have continued adding to the wiki despite my absence but there have been vandals as well as well-meaning edits that ended up cluttering up the organization of the wiki. I still have no time to prioritize this wiki as if it were a full-time job, which is what's really required to maintain and expand it to the standard I wish it could be at, but I will be checking in sporadically to clean up. I make no guarantees about the regularity of my visits though.

This means I will be far less lenient on bans. Before it was an informal policy of mine to leave warnings on walls before any banning of any length occurred but due to my absence, the vandalism and spamming has skyrocketed. Now, that means that if you make a malicious edit-- especially if it's a series of them, you get a ban. Each successive ban will get longer and longer. The duration of the first ban is dependent on the nature of your offense as well as the number (such as deciding to spam multiple pages all within the span of a single day).

I just did a banning as my welcome back. Given the severity of the offense, it was a year long ban. Enjoy the time off to actually grow as a person!

For those who are intent on contributing to this wiki, please read the wiki policies. I set them up for a reason. Organization is key on a wiki in order to curate the information in a legible manner. Thank you.

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