It appears that Wikia's Lifestyle hub featuring us for the month of October means that the wiki's daily page views have stabilized to around 10,000-12,000 a day. From the impromptu poll that I've run on the main page, it seems to be confirmed that the large majority of traffic being driven here is due to the wiki being hosted on Wikia, as only around a quarter of visitors seem to locate this wiki through any other means such as Google. Of course, the increase in page views means a corresponding increase in trolls and vandals but all that meant was I had to take off my editor hat and put on my admin hat to wield the ban hammer. Unpleasant but that is what is to be expected with anything online these days, regardless of how closed the community is. It is still an upward battle to gain editors of regular frequency and to build a community, especially since media interest has not been as high as the media frenzy in RLSH that peaked back in 2011. I am certainly glad that the wiki has expanded and the background work on templates seem to have paid off as now the wiki has grown to the point where the focus might now be turned to transforming article stubs into high quality informational entries.

There will likely be a focus on making the wiki more user-friendly so an effort on finishing construction of the portal pages and categorizing the RLSH profiles will likely be launched soon. As always, slowly but surely, this wiki will continue improving. Please check it out over time!

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