There have been several developments for this wiki in the month of October so far that have translated to growth for the wiki. It is my wish that this will continue into a positive trend.

Firstly, (although I still have not found the direct cause for it) unique visitors to the wiki have increased to nearly 20x as much as what they used to be. So, it looks like the wiki is starting to reach an audience. However, I have no idea what that audience consists of and how exactly they're reaching us but hopefully, this will translate into a growing community of editors over time.

Secondly, our wiki is currently featured on the front page of the Lifestyle hub of Wikia. I don't know the process for how it got selected since I only discovered it a few days ago or for how long the wiki will be featured (it is likely only for the month of October) but it is very nice to see the wiki featured in any way on Wikia. I have my suspicions that perhaps October's Halloween theming and the fact that most Real Life Superheroes wear costumes made the wiki an ideal candidate to be featured although I wish I did have a say in what photo was selected and what the tagline is. But let's enjoy it for what it is: free advertisement.

Thirdly, we are nearing the 200 article mark. Although we still have a ways to go before being able to meet the guidelines of applying for a Community Spotlight, I have every confidence it is something that will be achieved in time. Once we fulfill the criteria, being part of a Spotlight will also help increase traffic, which increases the chances of growing the number of people willing to contribute to the wiki. In the meantime, for anyone who happens to come by and has something to add, please feel free to join in!

Finally, I am always looking for input or suggestions as to how to improve this wiki so please feel free to comment/reply to this post or leave a message on my Wall! Thank you!

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