Hi! This is the founder and admin for the Real Life Superheroes Wiki, Kainee, speaking! I would like to go over the current status of the wiki and the effort to expand upon it right now as well as what we need (too much).

Goals We've Accomplishe​d

  • We've gained several users, the one with the most contributions so far being Nomad.
  • Most of the site categorization is complete and for a view of the pages and categories used, you can visit the Wiki Tree to see the layout.
  • The RLSH Directory is now viewable and sortable by alphabetical order (any other sorting order, not so much).
  • Made some additions and improvements to the User Interface:
    • A Back to Top button appears on the bottom Wikia navigational bar for long articles (Unfortunately, anonymous and unregistered users won't benefit as the Wikia navigational bar only appears for logged in users)
    • If you wish to edit just the intoductory portion of an article, you can by clicking the drop down menu under the Edit button and choosing Intro.
    • A UTC clock showing the time and date is now available in the upper right hand corner of the wiki. You can also click it to purge all cache data for the wiki in order to view any recent changes you made to the wiki.
  • For a rough summary of what goals we still need to make, you can visit the Goals page to see more.

Efforts to Promote the Wiki

  • This wiki is now one of the wikis being promoted on the front page of!
  • Several postings about this wiki asking for contributions have been made on as well as
  • If anyone should want to mention this wiki on any other sites they are a contributor or member of, please feel free! (Of course, please make sure it is appropriate and is not spamming to do so)

What We Still Need

  • We still need more contributors of content and editors!
  • We now have more photos than actual articles
  • We still need more general articles covering the history, culture, influences and impact of the RLSH movement.
  • For a rough summary of what we still need, you can visit Needed Pages to see more.
  • We still need to make more entries for RLSH individuals and groups in the Directory as well as pages that will allow the Directory to be sorted by location or activity or other criteria other than sorting by alphabetical order, which has already been done.
  • We need input as to how to improve this wiki!

For anyone, anonymous or not, who is reading this and looking to contribute to the wiki, please feel free to comment on this blog or leave me a message on my Wall!

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