I've been fiddling around with the main page for the wiki, nixing the original color palette, which was a sort of pastel blue in favor of something that was more full of primary colors. However, the formatting is in a weird state of flux right now as I had it set up with tables how the boxes should go but with the new layout design that Wikia is putting out effective October 3rd, the layout might be adversely affected. So, trying to find a way to approximate how I had it setup using the main page column tags so it looks like the main page design will change again. The issues with fitting in the current Spotlight without making it look weird layout-wise makes me rethink the idea of using an infobox template for that area. Also, the coding for the main page is getting really gnarly looking so I might clean everything up by using templates and transclusions. That way, the main page is still protected against edits by admins but the individual templates that the main page calls upon are still editable.

I still am thinking it over. I still need to work out an even better way of organizing the wiki infrastructure since the only thing that works organizationally so far is the alphabetical listing of the RLSH Directory. Also, I need to work on cultivating a team of editors and hopefully promote one or two of the more active ones as admins-- although this will likely be months down the road.

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