I was so close to getting another Devoted badge, this time for contributing to the wiki every day for 30 days straight but then somehow, I missed a day on the 28th day and now I have to start all over again from scratch with the counter. I was disheartened and held off on editing so regularly for a while but with the end of September coming up, I need to clean up an article for use for the October spotlight. I'm thinking of going with a RLSH group or individual whose costume/motif is darker to be more in line with Halloween but there are so many article stubs that it's hard to choose.

I still have to figure out a good way to organize the wiki. The part with the RLSH Directory still needs some pages built to help with sorting but the layout is pretty straightforward on it. However, the non-Directory pages are what gives me a headache. I'm increasingly convinced there is a need for--at the very least--mini-encyclopedia with a focus on RLSH topics. I'm thinking it'll cover such things such as influences, culture, and community. The articles I've already created that would fall under this portion of the site need a lot of cleanup and would also likely need to be well-cited since a neutral POV would definitely be better for these types of articles.

For now, on the 4th straight day and counting. Let's hope I get that badge! A source of comfort for me is the fact that no one can touch my #1 spot on the Leaderboard (at least for now). Hopefully, the increasing number of views on the Wiki means that the audience for the wiki is increasing and thus, the pool of possible contributors is also increasing!

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