I'm increasingly dissatisfied with the text-only wordmark on the upper lefthand side of the screen. Wikia, by default, allows you some limited font and color formatting in addition to choosing what text to display if you go with the text wordmark route but there's also the graphic wordmark, which would require some offline work since it requires uploading a picture file of the logo that you wish to display for the wiki. I'm thinking I might want to improve the RLSH clipart graphics I made although it might take some time. I'm not sure yet. I'm considering whether or not to use the graphic of the man tearing open the shirt to reveal RLSH underneath as part of the graphic wordmark or if I should try to come up with another new graphic. It is a bit tough thinking of something that evokes the superhero aesthetic without being thoroughly cliche. Since my drawing skills are also rather limited, I'm working using public domain cliparts as well. We shall see.

I am, however, pleased with the color palette although it took some fiddling around in the Theme Designer to get right. I had initially chosen a blue/pastel blue theme since it seemed the most soothing color experience out of the readily available color palette the Theme Designer had but I'm happy that in searching out color palettes that using HEX numbers allowed for a more unique color combo than simply using the standard palette Wikia already provides. Initially, I wasn't completely sold on the gold color for the header and footer Wikia bars but now that I'm more used to it, I figure it comes off like a gold belt of the costume on a comic book superhero, making it a fit for the subject matter of the wiki. Although RLSH are not their fictional counterparts, they are still influenced by the comic book art, albeit indirectly in many cases since it seems a major subset of them have costumes that are directly derived from the movie adaptations of superhero costumes, which tended to eschew some of the more brightly-colored costumes.

I also have to consider whether I want to go to the effort of making a background for the wiki rather than simply defaulting to the Superman blue. A lot of the nicer looking wikis on Wikia not only have a coordinated color palette and graphic design but they also have a custom background. The only problem is there's not really a lot of wallpapers floating around for RLSH and I can't in good conscience just use one of the group pictures Peter Tangen took doing his Real Life Super Hero Project since his photographs should be rightfully associated with the domain. I was thinking of perhaps making a photomosaic using various RLSH self-portraits but what would the main photo be of? I'll have to think on this as well.

All in all, this is just a blog to write down my current thoughts on the continuing graphic design for the wiki. I'm glad that it's hosted on Wikia since a lot of the backend stuff is already taken care of so the things I do have to nitpick aren't as numerous as if the wiki had been hosted on my own server. Also, it appears that based on the Main Page poll that most of the current traffic being driven to this wiki is through the Wikia network and I can't really guarantee based on how introverted the RLSH community can be if so much traffic could've been received if the wiki had been hosted on any other site. Plus, Wikia is sufficiently neutral enough that it helps protect whatever objectivity the wiki might have since as my friend put it, I'm looking for the wiki to be the Perry White of the RLSH community, not the Lois Lane or J. Jonah Jameson.

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