• StarKnightJun

    You know when things have gone downhill when you see Death (Thanatos) giving life to the living and yet the living sit around watching the living die. Many thanks to you, Thanatos, you've been a grand inspiration. Now, the rest of us who are living need to make sure we are not as the "authorities", the police/cops/popo/5-O/Fuzz, sitting around eating doughnuts and looking to bust crime when they are on the clock (not all of the of course). We as heroes are always on the clock, when we seem to not be, we are actually undercover. Our job is to protect and serve (or service for those heroes that do public service stuff). SO, if thou hath waned in thy determination and fire, PUT SOME SULPHUR IN YEE BOOTS, LAD! Heat the argentum under your team…

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  • StarKnightJun

    If a comic book was based on YOU...

    1.Would you promote it?

    2.Would it be interesting?

    3.Would it have anything to do with you being a RLSH?

    4.Would you become well known for it?

    5.Will it help the Wiki to be known more? (I'm guessing no...)

    6.What genre would it be?

    7.Do you get your texan donkey handed to you often?

    8.Would you be the main character of it, or would you be overshadowed by someone else?

    AND last be not least...

    9.Would you buy it?

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  • StarKnightJun

    Bonjour, this is Star Knight (Jun Jamin). It has come to my attention (and I know I've brought it up for a while now) that this forum still seems too inactive. Now, of course, it seems that anything dealing with the Internet and the RLSH are kind of dull, but still, the wiki seems almost like a dead site. To help, though, I plan on getting quite involved in the bettering of the wiki.

    Anyway, I'm impressed with what you've done to the wiki so far. I hope to work with you on it in the future.

    -Star Knight Jun

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  • StarKnightJun

    Here are some gadgets that I, Star Knight, have created effectively. All of these are non-harmful if used with responsibility.

    The Shocker Glove- this bulky glove has the special property of conducting a harmless amount of electricity. It is a good alternative to a stun gun and looks cooler too!

    The Concussionist- this uses soundwaves that amplify each other by having simular frequencies and creating a loud burst of sound from them. Due to the nature of sound's longitudinal waves, it is best to wear some serious sound-mufflers. Using this once or twice usually does the trick and gets crime running, covering their ears.

    The Anti-footing Slip Plastic- Exactly what it sounds like, this plastic is like any other, but it's what you put on it, an e…

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