Now this blog is not here to mock, insult or otherwise offend anyone here. I am doing this to understand you all and perhaps even help.

Now lets start with definitions of the Hero and Super-Hero.


A Hero was something that had its origins in Greek mythology and some folklore and were sometimes considered demigods, but in more modern times, a hero came to refer to people who, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, display great courage and the will for self-sacrifice and to do great things for humanity, even more recently a hero is someone who not only has great martial prowess and skill but is morally good and ethical.


A super hero was originally a type of hero who possessed superhuman powers but in more modern times it is simply those who go the extra mile and go beyond what makes a hero a hero. Batman had no powers, but his willingness to put himself in danger and go out there to fight directly against crime despite the odds not only made him a hero, but a super-hero due to his masked identity and equipment. Simply putting on a costume does not make one a super hero however, one has to actually fight crime.

Are you a Hero or a Zero?

Now to the point of this blog.

With the above said, does everyone here truly believe they are heroes?

Do you truly fight crime?

Have you made a difference?

Do you really show great courage and good ethics?

Putting on a costume does not automatically make one a hero, and while it is a kind and a good deed, neither does pulling a cat out or a tree or walking an old lady across the road make you a hero.

I personally believe and no one has to agree with me, that in order to become a super hero, you must first become a hero and learn to be adept at fighting crime physically as well as by other means. Here is some steps to go from zero to hero.

What you need to be a Hero

  • One: Learn martial arts. This is extremely important if you hope to fight crime, you will need to learn to be able to take a beating and be able to fight more than one opponent. Learn to perform proper chokeholds to render criminals unconscious in seconds. Warning: Chokeholds are very dangerous and can kill, do not utilize one unless you know the proper technique.
  • Two: Join the police. This one's optionally but important nonetheless, joining the police force will allow you to learn how to track and fight crime, learn to investigate and gain deduction abilities and of course police radios will keep you informed of crimes happening.
  • Three: Armor not a costume. Don't make a costume, make armor. It is no good fighting crime if you are just as vunerable as they are, they will have more numbers than you will. Have an outfit that reduces the damage you will take. Don't be too flashy or colorful either as stealth is the best weapon. You are there to prevent and stop crime, not make a spectacle of yourself, no one would take anyone dressed in tights seriously.
  • Four: Weapons. Fists are not good enough when your targets carry anything from switchblades to even guns so use non lethal weapons as while you need to be able to take down criminals quickly. Stun guns and stun battons would be an excellent choice here. Warning: While typically non lethal, stun guns and batons have been known to do serious damage and possibly even kill. Do not shoot or hit someone in the head or neck with one.
  • Five: Principals. Have the will to make a difference and be ready to sacrifice oneself for another. Courage and good morals are a must, don't be doing this for thrill-seeking or attention. The perfect hero would actually stay out of the public eye.
  • Six: Backup and support. Optional but essential, whether its a partner by your side on the streets or someone on a radio/com link, either way It can make all the difference. Having a partner at a "HQ" can allow them (if they are skilled in such areas) to monitor streets and watch your progress through hacked cameras (if there are any) and gps if they are fitted with one. The partners can then guide them through areas they do not know (works only if said partner has a map on their screen)
  • Nine: Be anonymous. Do not walk around in your outfit publicly, you will only make a spectacle of yourself and no one will take you seriously, especially criminals. Remember, fight crime from the shadows. be an urban legend, not a walking joke.
  • Ten: You are a vigilante. Avoid police when patrolling, one thing you will have in common with criminals is that what you are doing is against the law, vigilantes are not tolerated.
  • Eleven. Join the Army. Again this is optionally, join the army, you will get fit and athletic, learn how to strategize and be tactical. Learn to work with teams effectively.
  • Twelve: The right equipment. As said before, your outfit should be black and not flashy or with a cape, and it should be armor and not cloth. Having the right equipment is essential. Have a camera (no flash), a multipurpose phone or computer (blank one, you do not want to use own ones as they can be traced). Night-vision goggles and a directional microphone. if you can catch criminals red handed by filming them or recording what they are saying via the microphone, you can then simply hand give it the police and they will take over, thereby preventing you from having to unnecessarily getting into a physical altercation. Black lights, smart criminals know how to hide the evidence, have a black light with you can prove useful. Rope and zip-wires are also useful.

Now if you can, introduce yourselves in the comments below and tell us why you think you're a hero and what differences have you made.

Do you have any of the above?

have you had combat experience?

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