Vital Statistics
Hero Zetaman
Alias(es) Urban Adventurer
Category Public Servant, Social Activist
Location Portland, OR, USA
Identity Public
Alter Ego Illya King
Status Retired
Superhero Activity
Faction The Alternates (ex-member)
Affiliates Agent Null, Antiman, Apocalypse Meow (ex-wife)
Foes Apathy, Homelessness
Actions Charity Fundraisers, Community Outreach, Neighborhood Patrol
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Shirt (Black, Blue, White), Gloves (Black)
Colors Black, Blue, White
Symbol The letter "Z" in white against a navy blue triangle
Equipment Pepper Spray, Stun Gun
Abilities CPR, First Aid

Zetaman is an American Real Life Superhero based in Portland, Oregon.



External LinksEdit

Zetaman TV

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